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posted Jan 24, 2011 01:18:07 by enterman234

You may NOT advertise any other hacking website.

You may post your own hacks.

You may post hacks that aren't your's, but give credit.

Give full credit to anyone that you have took from. (mods and hacks)

You may NOT spam the helping chatroom.

You may post your own mods.

You may NOT impersonate an Admin or Moderator.

You MUST to include a virus scan in your post, unless the file is too large. Then include something like, Download at your own risk, file too large.

Include a download link (Of course) Preferring Mediafire.

You may NOT delete other peoples Topic, unless Inappropriate, or off topic. (Moderator Only)

You may NOT ban anyone who doesn't deserve to be banned (Admin only)


Advertising other hacking websites: Ban

Not giving credit: 1st: Verbal warning 2nd: Ban

Spam chatroom: Ban

Impersonating: Ban

Delete topic: Ban

Unnecessary ban: BAN

Banning Administrator: Perm Ban

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The early bird gets the worm, unless your cheating :)
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