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Combat arms PerX injector (X1nject)

posted Jan 24, 2011 20:31:19 by enterman234
Heres a little injector I found. I cannot mention the name of the website, because of advertising, even though I am the creator of this site. I made the rules, so I have to follow them :/



Virus scan:I am unable to do a virus scan. Sorry. This may cause your anti virus software to freak out saying it is a virus. Just ignore this message. Its just the coding of this file that says its a virus. It should say Trojan or something, but trust me. I wouldn't virus you guys. :)

How to use:
1. Download
2. Run
3. Change 'Gunz.exe' To 'Engine.exe'
4. Select (hack name).dll
5. Run combat arms
the early bird gets the worm, unless your cheating :)
The early bird gets the worm, unless your cheating :)
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